The founder of Fortnite said that NFT technology “works well”, but it is currently “speculative chaos”


Studio co-founder Tim Sweeney (Tim Sweeney) Killer, war machineAnd popular Fort night In a tweet today, it is said that the non-fungible token (NFT) technology and its possible “movement” in one day are the “where to go”, but due to the influence of factors such as transaction costs and “crazy speculative chaos” For cryptocurrency, the dream of “a persistent, real-time digital world” may be far away.

Sweeney made a comment in response to a blog titled “Entering Nothingness: Cryptocurrency Meets Meta Festival”. “Into The Void” written by Delphi Digital partner Piers Kicks, a blockchain consulting, research and investment company, is a flooded article that delves into the history of digital connectivity and the in-game economy, and finally believes that blockchain-based meta The universe will not be a simple thing to improve the previous virtual experience, but it marks the beginning of a new human era:

“In the next few decades, the new era of virtual existence will usher in the next great milestone for us as a networked species.”

Sweeney praised the blog post in a short Tweet post and acknowledged that blockchain technology and NFT are the “most reasonable way” to the completely emerging meta-universe, but at the same time pointed out that these developments may still be far away. People should treat their funds carefully:

In a statement to Cointelegraph, Kicks said: “It’s exciting to see Tim’s recognition of the potential of these technologies. He is undoubtedly a pioneer of change within and outside the gaming industry.”[…] Almost everything is not yet ready to become mainstream consumers. Not only is scalability becoming a bottleneck, there are still major UX frictions in the entire field. “

“At the moment, this is likely to be speculative, but for those willing to participate, it is a very exciting time, because the market is looking for viable and scalable business and incentive models. When it comes to mainstream encryption In view of the situation, the trend is indeed gradually changing.” He added.

Speculative whirlpool

Sweeney is not the only well-known entrepreneur to get involved in NFT in recent weeks. On Monday, Mark Cuban released 10 limited-edition NFT animations of his own dancing. All were sold out within a few hours, and investigators on the chain discovered two wallets related to Cuba, which contained dozens of small cryptocurrencies, as well as large holdings of DeFi projects such as Aave and Sushiswap All this proves that Cuba likes his previous statement. “Try these things.”

However, shortly after the decline, the Cuban stated in a television interview that the price of NFTs was “high” due to low interest rates, indicating that his interest in NFTs may be purely exploratory.

The Cubans and Sweeneys have good reasons to question the current sky-high valuations that exceed space. Last weekend, a rare CryptoPunk was sold for 605 ETH, over $750,000 at the time of sale, and the evening news cited famous collectors.

However, whether there is a bubble or not, cryptocurrency development usually proceeds quickly, and the metaverse that enables blockchain may be even closer than these founders and investors realized.